The Best of Both Ride, Race, or Relay Race


Hosted at The Embark Coworking Community parking lot. Ride, Race, or Relay over epic all-terrain courses that include paved roads, remote gravel, and stellar single-track. Transition from bike to bike, complete the entire course on a single bike of your choice, or team up to divide and conquer in our relay race.

Born on the dirt trails, gravel roads, and paved grades to the west of Bend, Oregon, The Best of Both weekend presents the ultimate test of a bike rider's skill, endurance, and sense of adventure. The courses navigate the stunning terrain to the northwest of Bend, and our formats provide unique options for the use of multiple bikes, or a single bike, over all-terrain. And for those who wish to share the load, the Best of Both Relays enable riders to team up - one rides on the road, one rides off the road.
Reimagined for 2022, we introduce an immersive event that offers riders a series of competitive and recreational formats to choose from. We strive to deliver a challenging, rewarding, and accessible bike riding experience catering to a variety of age groups and experience levels. 

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